Gold prices were little changed on Friday in Asia as traders weighed the latest positive trade news and a set of weak U.S. data.
Published: 2019.02.22.
The Parliament of the Philippines approved a bill that aims to increase the state’s gold reserves. By law, small mining companies are exempt from income taxes and excise taxes if they sell the mined gold to the Philippine Central Bank.
Published: 2019.02.21.
Gold prices moved higher on Tuesday as another member of the Federal Reserve weighed in on slowing down the central bank's tightening of monetary policy.
Published: 2019.02.20.
As it became known recently, hedge fund manager Ken Griffin bought a penthouse in New York for $ 238 million. Such a high price testifies once again to the continuation of the “bubble” in the American real estate market. At the same time, Griffin is known
Published: 2019.02.19.
Gold prices ticked higher while the U.S. dollar slipped on Monday in Asia, as traders digested some positive trade headlines from over the weekend.
Published: 2019.02.18.
Расписание презентаций и вебинаров на текущую неделю
Published: 2019.02.18.
During the HYIP around Bitcoin in 2017, many investors in gold began to hastily transfer their capital into cryptocurrency in order to capitalize on its growth. But now there is a reverse trend.
Published: 2019.02.15.
On February 13, 2019, the company REAL GOLD launches a grand prize drawing and promotional campaigns! Our company has prepared valuable, motivating prizes, gifts and bonuses for participating and promoting the Real Gold marketing program.
Published: 2019.02.14.
According to the World Gold Council (WGC), the global demand for gold in the past 2018 was 4,345 tons. At the same time, investment gold was sold + 4% more than in 2017, while the demand for jewelry remained unchanged.
Published: 2019.02.13.
Gold prices steadied on Tuesday in Asia while the U.S. dollar was near flat as traders assessed the latest news on the trade front.
Published: 2019.02.12.